24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services

Residential Locksmith

Are you locked out of your home with your keys inside? Just moved to your new home and looking to change the door locks and keys? Want to improve the security of your home by installing window locks and security doors?

Don’t stress. Solid Lock Locksmith got you covered! We are one of the most trusted residential locksmiths in Melbourne, where the security of your home is our top priority.

We have a team of highly experienced and qualified technicians who have vast expertise in providing residential locksmith services, offering customised and prompt services, anytime, anywhere. First, they will run a comprehensive security check on your home. Then, they will provide efficient solutions to a wide range of residential lock and key problems with their in-depth knowledge and cutting-edge technology.

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Automotive Locksmith

Have you lost your car keys? Looking to repair the central locking system of your vehicle? Locked out of your car? Perhaps, you have a damaged car ignition lock?

Rapid advancements in technology and auto immobilizer systems today have certainly made it difficult to have a new car key made or an old one repaired. And if you’re thinking of getting a replacement key from the dealer, it’ll probably cost you several hundred dollars.

Solid Lock Locksmith – A Trusted Automobile Locksmith in Melbourne

Whether you have lost your car keys, locked out of your car, or have a damaged central locking system, Solid Lock Locksmith can help.

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Business Locksmith

Solid Lock Locksmiths offer a full range of business services that range from lock installations and systems with a master key to electronically controlled access systems. We have expertise in business loss prevention systems that can help your business avert costly losses. We can assess your business and create a comprehensive loss prevention plan that will reduce or eliminate losses that you incur due to theft.

Our qualified and trained technicians can satisfy your requirements with the following business services:

  • Emergency lockout services for your office or business vehicles
  • Locking systems with a restricted master key
  • Design and Installation of electronic locking systems and access controls
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24 Hour Locksmith

Quite often, you will discover that you will misplace or lose the keys to your car, home, or office at a time that is extremely inconvenient. This may occur on a weekend or in the early morning hours after a night out on the town.

For cases such as this, the 24 Hour Locksmith Service provided by Solid Lock Locksmith has you covered. We have mobile technicians who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to service you in the event of an emergency.

Our locksmiths have the tools and expertise to help you gain entry into almost any vehicle, home, or office at any hour of the day or night.

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Safe Locksmith

Whether you are safeguarding a business or your personal residence, safes have provided protection from loss for hundreds of years, and they continue to be effective. Solid Lock Locksmiths are dedicated to proving the finest security cabinets and safes to our clients. Whether you require a locking cabinet to safeguard valuables or a safe that is designed to withstand fire and sophisticated intrusion attempts, we have products to assist you.

While many Australians choose not to buy a safe because they feel they do not possess sufficient assets to justify the expense of a safe, consider these reasons for owning a quality safe.

This is normally the number one reason people consider buying a safe. When a quality safe is installed, you will eliminate the vast majority of criminals who are able to steal your belongings.

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Mobile Locksmith

It’s no secret just how valuable mobile locksmith services can be in tough situations. Imagine locking yourself out of your car at a remote gas station somewhere. Several kilometres stand between you and the nearest locksmith and you cannot afford to be late… worst of all, you can’t dump your car!

No matter where you are, our mobile locksmith service will be there to save the day. We provide you with all the regular locksmith services, but with the obvious advantage of coming to you!

Why precisely would you need Mobile Locksmith Services?

We may hate it, but lockouts happen. And when they do, the last thing you want is to be stuck with no access for hours on end. But with a mobile locksmith service, these types of headaches are a thing of the past.

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Key Cutting Services

Key cutting and security go hand in hand. Keys get stolen, misplaced or lost. And when any of these happen, you don’t stop using your car, locker, business or house just because you no longer have the key(s).

Car key cutting requires a whole different level of skill and equipment. That’s why the work can only be entrusted to a thoroughly trained professional to get it done. You will need the help of an auto locksmith in case you got locked out of your car, need the convenience of a spare set of car keys,  car keys got stolen or lost, keys got stuck in the ignition or damaged, car keys snapped in the car door lock, or transponder chip is broken or missing.

The professionals at Solid Lock Locksmith are trained and have a rich experience in programming VATS, transponder and smart keys for any vehicle model or make.

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