5 Things You Didn't Know Locksmiths

The overall locksmith industry has drastically evolved from the traditional security system of lock and keys to adapting to smart home security systems. Nowadays, the industry has grown to include different specialities, advanced technology, and much more!

In this article, we’ll be presenting five facts about locksmiths that you probably didn’t know about!

1). Locksmiths Have Been Around Since Ancient History

Yes, you heard that right! Locksmiths are known to be one of the oldest professions to have ever existed. In fact, it was discovered that some of the first-ever locksmiths originated from ancient Babylon and Egypt more than 4,000 years ago!

In ancient societies, locks were known to be large and heavy, some being made of wood that also comes with large wooden keys. Aristocrats in Rome also kept their keys as status symbols, and locks were discovered in historical sites located in China and Greece. 

Metal locks were introduced in the late 18th century, and since then many inventors have attempted to create locks that cannot be picked. Locksmiths developed their own skills paralleled to the skills of inventors by developing locks, replicating keys, and designing safes. 

2). Locksmiths Go Through An Apprenticeship

To become a locksmith, you do not need a university degree; instead, you take on an apprenticeship that lasts for approximately four years. This apprenticeship entails being employed by a boss of a certain business, learning practical work along with theoretical training provided by an approved RTO by TAFE.

In their apprenticeship, locksmiths learn much more than just fixing locks; they can learn how to maneuver electronic security systems, servicing safes, installing CCTVs, and programming car keys. The apprenticeship is meant to be as well-rounded as possible!

3). Locksmiths Have An Inventory of Special Tools

A certified locksmith typically has access to various tools and products that the public does not have access to and are not sold in regular hardware stores. The reason for this is that these tools help locksmiths perform specialised services, like creating a top-quality lock that cannot be picked. As such, it is always a good idea to approach a professional locksmith in the event you have a locksmithing problem.

4). Locksmithing Involves Various Skills

Locksmithing is not simply about fixing locks and keys; in fact, it involves several skills. For example, locksmiths must possess the skills of a mechanic in order to understand different locks and the mechanics of how each of these locks function.

Locksmiths must also have the skills of both a security expert and an engineer, as this can help them not only create security locks but to repair or re-key them. Even the skills of a carpenter are necessary for locksmiths, as this can allow them to repair locks neatly without causing too much damage to doors and window frames in the process. 

So, as you can see, it’s like locksmiths are one big amalgamation of various professions!

5). There Are Different Types Of Locksmiths

Did you know that there are different locksmith specialties? In fact, there are around seven main types of locksmiths: residential, commercial, automobile, key-cutting, institutional, forensic, and emergency. All of these types of locksmiths are largely based on the type of setting they work in.

For example, residential locksmiths typically provide security services to homes, while institutional locksmiths provide security services to places like government units, schools, hospitals, and more. Many of these specialties involve dealing with technological security systems apart from the traditional lock and key system.

Remember when we said that locksmithing involves various skills? This is especially manifested by forensic locksmiths, who are trained not only to investigate security systems of crime scenes but to do so with knowledge of different practices like photography, metallurgy, microscopic examination, collecting and preserving evidence, and many more. Sounds pretty cool, right?


As we can see, locksmithing is much more than locks and keys. It is one of the oldest professions whose importance has only been made clearer and clearer as the years go by.

Moreover, the locksmith industry is capable of changing with the times, continuously innovating, and reimaging security systems to fit the trends of our society today. So, when you meet again with your locksmith, make sure to give them the appreciation that they rightly deserve!

Hiring a certified locksmith nowadays is challenging. With the resurgence of a high number of new cases of COVID-19 in Victoria, in Melbourne in particular, make sure you are diligent before you choose a locksmith service.

Choose locksmiths that observe strict physical distancing and safety protocols. Make sure they are wearing protective gear when they enter your home and are interacting with you.

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