Are Dimple Locks Secure Other Locks

Dimple locks are becoming more and more popular over the years because of their pin tumbler based lock design. Dimple locks, in particular, share many similarities with conventional pin-cylinder locks, though they do have some subtle differences. 

The subtle differences between dimple locks and conventional pin-cylinder locks might make you believe that dimple keys are more secure than others. However, you might be wondering whether this is actually true or not.

If you want to learn more about dimple keys and whether they are more secure than other keys or not, please continue reading below.

What Is A Dimple Key?

A dimple key is a key that has a rectangular blade with multiple cone-shaped dimples rolled into the blade’s face at various depths. Meanwhile, a dimple lock is a pin cylinder that makes use of the dimple key’s flat side of the blade as the bitting area.

Instead of cutting into the key’s edge as is done in a standard pin cylinder, dimple locks turn the key ninety degrees out and cut onto the flat side. Dimple locks usually have two rows of pins that match with 2 rows of dimples. 

The key will usually have the same dimple pattern on the back of the blade so that it is symmetrical. This allows the key to be inserted into the lock in any orientation. Additionally, dimple locks have a card or a code that enables you to get spare keys cut and not be copied from an existing key.

In essence, dimple locks are basically standard pin-cylinder locks, only with bigger pins and the key turns 90 degrees. Dimple keys also have a warding on both sides of the key, while standard keys do not.  

Similarly, each pin set also consists of a spring, a driver pin, and a key pin. This is where the driver pin is the top pin and the key pin is the pin that the key touches. Unlike standard keys, dimples keys have the dimples cut into the grooves, whereas standard keys just have normal grooves. 

Are Dimple Locks Secure Other Locks

Are Dimple Keys More Secure Than Other Keys?

Contrary to popular belief, dimple locks are neither more secure or less secure than other conventional pin tumbler locks. This impression might arise from the fact that dimple keys have dimples cut into the grooves while standard keys do not. In spite of this, this feature does not necessarily mean that the dimple key offers more security than other keys.

However, it may be said that dimple keys can be a bit more challenging to be picked with standard picks. This is because due to the turning of the blade, there will be less room for your picks. Nonetheless, there are actually dimple picks out there specifically designed to pick dimple locks. 

Though dimple keys are neither more or less secure than other keys, its larger number of pin positions offers it more combinations. This means that the chance of having a coincidental key match is lower. 

While dimple keys are not necessarily higher in security than other keys, it is worth noting that there are higher security dimple locks that include features such as telescoping pins, axial rotation, and side pins. 

Are Dimple Locks Secure Other Locks


Dimple keys have some similarities with standard keys, but the primary difference is that dimple keys have “dimples” cut into their grooves. Since the warding is applied on both sides of the dimple key making them symmetrical, they can be inserted into dimple locks at any orientation. 

Dimple keys are not necessarily more secure than other keys, but they can be challenging to pick with a standard pick. This is because there will be less room to pick due to the turning of the blade. 

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