Can Auto Locksmith Open Safe

Can a locksmith that specialises in auto services unlock a safe? The quick answer to this question is no.

However, most locksmiths do not specialise in only one particular area and offer a comprehensive list of services. These services may include:

  • Key cutting services
  • Re-keying of locks
  • Replacement locks
  • Identifying and replacing keys for a specific lock
  • Opening residential door locks
  • Opening commercial door locks
  • Opening and reprogramming digital or electronic door locks
  • Replacement of keys and/or remote
  • Opening electronic, combination and key safes

This said, opening a safe may take some specialised knowledge, skill and experience.

You need to keep in mind that different types of safes require different means to open.

Therefore, not all locksmiths that offer automotive services will offer a service to unlock safes.

It is mostly recommended to find a locksmith that is an expert in providing services to unlock safes.

Techniques For Opening Safes Without A Key

If you have not lost the key to your safe, a locksmith will be able to cut a new set of keys according to the original.

If you have lost the key, a locksmith will probably need to employ other methods and techniques to open a locked safe.

Unlike most types of door locks, there is no master key for safes and there is no specific key that can be identified by identifying the serial numbers or tumblers on a safe with a key lock.

In most cases, the safe will need to be forced open.

An expert locksmith understands which method will be the most effective and attempt to open the safe without damaging the locking mechanism.

Techniques For Opening Combination Locks Without The Combination

Combination locks commonly have a dial that needs to be turned back and forth to a specific set of numbers to be unlocked.

Everyone has watched a movie where a safecracker uses a stethoscope or simply places their ear on the safe while turning the dial.

They are listening for when a tumbler drops when the right number in the combination has been found.

This technique can be used by a skilled locksmith to open a safe although they commonly use electronic equipment to detect sounds that will provide them with the numbers to the combination as the dial is turned.

There are other techniques that are suggested by DIY websites to open a safe.

However, these techniques are not always successful and result in irreparable damage to the safe.

Plus it will not provide the combination for the lock.

It is highly recommended to call in an expert locksmith to open a combination safe lock and provide you with the combination.

Techniques To Open Electronic Safe Locks Without The Code

Electronic safes have become much more popular than combination safes or safes with key locks.

However, it can be much easier to forget a code than it is to lose a key, especially since digital locks provide the benefit of changing the code as often as the owner wants.

Expert locksmiths can use electronic equipment to attempt to override the electronic mechanism and avoid damaging the safe.

Once the safe has been opened, the code can be reset and the safe can continue to be used.

If this method is unsuccessful, force may be necessary to open the safe.

However, once a digital safe has been forced open, it is unlikely that it can be used again.

It is important to first determine whether an automotive locksmith has the necessary expertise to deal with the specific locking mechanism on the safe that needs to be opened.

Not all automotive locksmiths will be able to open a safe without causing damage.

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