Can Car Key Be Cut From The VIN Without Actual Car

Are you worried that you might one day lose your car keys? You might be wondering how a problem such as this can be fixed, but there is actually a very simple solution to this: remember your VIN!

Nowadays, automobile locksmiths are able to duplicate your key with just your VIN code even without having the actual car. In fact, they are able to do much more than just cut you a new key!

If you want to learn more about how a car key can be cut from the VIN without the actual car, then please keep on reading below to learn more. 

What Is A VIN Code?

First, it is important to understand what a VIN code even is. A VIN – or Vehicle Identification Number – code serves as the identifying code for the specific automobile. In a way, the VIN of your automobile is the equivalent of fingerprints for humans. No two operating cars can have the same VIN.

A VIN is composed of 17 characters that specify the car’s unique features, manufacturer, and other specifications. It can also be used to track registrations, recalls, warranty claims, insurance coverage, and even thefts.

You can locate the VIN code on the body of your vehicle. They are usually situated under the bonnet, along the driver’s side door, or at the bottom of the passenger side’s windscreen. Occasionally, they may also be found in the user manual, on the dashboard, or on the metal frame of your vehicle.

Can Car Key Be Cut From The VIN Without Actual Car

Cutting A Car Key From The VIN

In the event that you lose your car keys, a locksmith can still cut you a new key with just the VIN code. In fact, this is one of the first things that locksmiths have to learn, so it is not hard to do.

The first thing you would have to do is to provide your locksmith with proof of ownership of the vehicle and, of course, your car’s VIN. Once the proof of ownership has already been established, they will be able to create a key cut for you just like that.

However, locksmiths can do much more than just key cutting. If you have your car, they can also program a brand-new transponder by using information that is provided by the manufacturer.

A transponder is commonly used in many modern cars. It is an additional layer of security that can transmit a unique signal to your car. 

The chip is located in the actual car keys and can transmit a signal that is unique to your car. If the signal does not match the one assigned to your car, then you will not be granted access to it. 

As such, a locksmith will also be able to program a new transponder for you. However, this has to be done with the car present.

Can Car Key Be Cut From The VIN Without Actual Car

Locksmiths Over Dealerships

In the event you lose your car keys, it is best to contact your local locksmith rather than your local dealership. This is due to a number of reasons.

Heading down to your dealership can take a lot of time. More importantly, without your keys, you won’t even be able to travel to the dealership.

There are many emergency 24/7 locksmiths that will be able to answer your call and meet your location right away. You won’t need to wait for a tow and waste time and money trying to reach your dealership – assuming it is even open in the first place.

Obtaining a new key cut from your dealership is also much pricier compared to having a locksmith create a key cut for you. In fact, most dealerships call a locksmith to do the job anyway, so you might as well call the locksmith yourself. 

As such, calling up a locksmith rather than going to your dealership can help save you time and money.


In short, a car key can indeed be cut from the VIN without the car. It is quite a simple task for locksmiths since they are specially trained to cut keys from just the VIN.

All you will have to do is to provide proof of ownership and your VIN. It is important to make sure that you write down your VIN somewhere convenient or store it in your phone in the event that you might lose your car keys. A skilled and experienced locksmith will definitely be able to help you out with this issue.

With this, it is always important to consult with an experienced locksmith who can help guide you on which lock is best suited to keep you and your home safe and secure.

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