Can Locksmith Duplicate Car Key If Bent

Ever wonder how car keys get bent all the time? It seems pretty innocuous when it happens.

I mean, all we do is slide them into a keyhole and turn them – it’s not like we use them to lift heavy objects, is it?

However, when you do bend a key, it’s usually when you are in a mad rush when you’re running late. 

So when this happens, is the key fixable? Can a locksmith still duplicate a car key even if it is bent? The answer is yes!

Usually, a good certified locksmith can duplicate a bent car key without too many dramas. 

However, there are a number of important considerations that must be taken into account:

The Severity Of The Damage: How Bent Is The Key?

Your locksmith can easily see and determine how many depths to cut just by looking at it. Most locksmiths already have generic key templates.

All they have to do is adjust the cuts, starting with shallow cuts, slowly going deeper until they get the right form and make it work.

If the key is severely bent to the point where your locksmith cannot duplicate it, your only option is to go to your local dealership.

However, this is a pretty rare case. Most of the time, your local locksmith will be able to duplicate a bent key, no problem.

In case you need to go to your local dealership for your brand of car, they will be able to provide you with a new key by reading the VIN code.

The Brand and Type of Car

Different car brands, even car model or type, have different leaf or lever positions.

This is important information for a locksmith because this is how they know the code to program into the key cutting machine.  

They start with shallow cuts and slowly adjust the cuts to copy the original key. If the key is only slightly bent, the machine will read the key just fine.

Otherwise, they can decode the barrel and duplicate your key within minutes. 

The Type of Key

Certified locksmiths have access to mostly all key blanks.

There are some that are restricted though however, the average brand and model should not be a problem. 

Luxury cars are different as they use patented keyways. These kinds of keys are usually restricted to licensed vendors.

Blanks for these types of keys will not be available to local locksmiths. Unless you have a key code card, duplicating your key should not be a problem.

Otherwise, your certified locksmith will not be able to provide you with a new copy. Documentation is important in patented keys.

Unauthorised duplication of patented keyways can get your locksmith into trouble so in this case, they will refer you back to your dealership.

They may be able to copy your car key, but a certified locksmith will not violate the law. They have a reputation to keep.

The Lock Manufacturer

Locksmiths are familiar with all car key types. The complexity of the key is usually associated with the lock manufacturer.

They will know right away if it will be a simple or complicated process depending on who the manufacturer of your car key is.

Does Your Key Have a Chip?

If your key has a transponder chip and it was damaged or broken when the key was bent, getting a duplicate will be a challenge.

Some locksmiths may have the expertise in dealing with bent keys with broken transponder chips however, some do not. It is a complicated process.

Your locksmith can still duplicate your key though even the transponder chip is broken.

The duplicate will not have the chip and the added security the chip provides, but you will have a working key nonetheless. 

The most important factor in whether or not your bent car key can be duplicated or not is the locksmith.

A good, reliable locksmith will have the expertise and skill to copy any car key, broken or bent, with ease. 

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