Have you ever worried about losing your house keys? Well, did you know that locksmiths can actually make a copy of your key based on a photo of it? Yep, you read that right!

Locksmiths do actually provide key duplication services even if all you have is a photograph of your lost keys! However, how are they actually able to do this?

Well, if you want to learn more, then please keep on reading, because we’ve got all the answers for you!

How Does Duplicating A Key From A Photograph Work?

There are millions of keys and locks out there. Nonetheless, they all more or less have similar functions and features that can allow your locksmith to duplicate it. 

First, from the photo, the locksmith will pay attention to the brand of the key. Each brand of key will have its own unique and distinct designs, which can help supply the locksmith with some foundational information.

From here, the locksmith can identify and measure other factors such as the space and depth of the key cuts, the length of the key, the height of the key, and other distinguishable features. 

Once the locksmith has been able to gather these measurements, they will have all the necessary information to successfully create a new copy of the key from a blank key. 

Creating a key from a photographed key may take some time to be completed, but it is still regarded as a successful duplication method for most types of keys. 

Can Locksmith Make Copy  Photographed Key

What Is The Advantage Of Having A Photo Of My Key?

Having a photo of your key can be very convenient, especially in the event that you misplace or lose them.

If you ask your locksmith to completely change the locks on your doors, this can lead to a significantly higher cost to solve a problem that can already be solved with a simple photo. With a photo, you will have a much more affordable solution to your locksmithing problem. 

How Do I Keep A Photo Of My Key?

One of the advantages of living in an increasingly technological society is that it can help upgrade the way we live our life. In fact, there are many apps out there that you can keep a photo of your key on.

Some apps called key-cloning apps are even capable of measuring the dimensions of the code cuts of your key in the event that you need it to be duplicated. 

Having an app with patented technology for key measuring can definitely make duplication a much easier job, though some apps may require you to pay for this service.

Nonetheless, make sure that the app you are using is completely private. Another option is for you to print out a picture of your key, scale it to actual size, and keep it very well secured in the event you need it. 

Remember: it is important to keep the picture of your key safe and secured. There are a couple of tutorials online on how to duplicate keys from a photograph, so you have to make sure that the photo of your key does not land in the wrong hands!


If you ever get worried that you might end up losing your keys unexpectedly, having a photo of your key can definitely be a lifesaver in the future, both convenience-wise and finance-wise. 

With a photo of your key, locksmiths can get an idea of how to duplicate it by measuring the depths and lengths of your key codes. They can also identify other information such as the brand of the key, which can possibly supply helpful pieces of information about the key. 

You can keep a photo of your key on a mobile app; however, it is very important that you protect this photo, because if it gets into the wrong hands, the security of your home or property may be compromised. 

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