Can You Get Key Cut If Lost Original

We may not always need a locksmith but when we do, it is almost always an emergency.

When you lose your keys, especially the original, you’re in trouble! However, don’t fret, your licensed locksmith can help you out.

Your locksmith can get a key cut even without the original but there are a few considerations.

Lost Keys A Locksmith Can Replace

  • Front or Back Door Home Keys – Cylinder or motor locks
  • Garage Door Keys
  • Door and Window Keys
  • Safe Keys
  • Restricted or Suited Keys (see details)
  • Car Keys

Basically, there is no key that is impossible to copy. Some may be more challenging than others but it is doable.

However, just because it is doable does not mean you can just get any key copied.

Can You Get Key Cut If Lost  Original key fob

There are legal restrictions on some types of keys. For the following keys, here are the conditions to be able to get a duplicate without the original:

  • Security Keys – Security keys can be duplicated without the original by the locksmith who supplied you the keys but you have to be the registered owner of the key in order to get a copy made.
  • Locksmiths cannot order a blank that will be used for the replacement key or duplicate key without a proper letter of authorisation from the registered owner.
  • Coded or Licensed Keys – these types of keys can be replaced only by the locksmith who supplied it to you because the locksmith holds the license.
  • Restricted Keys – In order to get a replacement or duplicate keys without the original, you can contact the original locksmith who supplied you the keys. If that is not an option, you should be able to obtain one from your local licensed locksmith if you are able to provide the proper letter of authorisation.
  • Patented Keys – patented keys are protected legally. You can only get a replacement or duplicate keys from the originating centre or manufacturer. Originating centres will have a license agreement with a manufacturer to supply the keys. If you do not know the originating centre or the manufacturer, consult your local locksmith. He should be able to obtain the keys with the proper letter of authority.

One thing these keys have is the need for authorisation or proof of ownership.

These types of keys are usually used for sensitive purposes like bank vaults, jewellery, cash, and other valuable items.

House Keys

House keys can be replaced by a licensed locksmith. House keys can include front door keys, backdoor keys, window keys, garage keys, etc.

Some may be harder to duplicate or replace than others. In most cases, a replacement key can be provided immediately by the locksmith while in some cases a new lock may be needed.

Can You Get Key Cut If Lost Original

Vehicle Keys

Vehicle and car keys no matter how hard to duplicate will require your car VIN or Vehicle Identification Number.

Your VIN is usually found stamped on a metal plate on the driver’s side of the dashboard.

Replacing a vehicle key is more complicated if you do not have the original because you will be required to bring the car to your locksmith or have the locksmith go to you.

A little help from your mechanic might also be needed to open the interior door panel so your locksmith can make a new key and program it to your car door.

Important Reminder:

Do not trust just any locksmith for your home and car key replacement. Choose only licensed locksmiths you can trust.

Make sure you do some thorough research and do your due diligence. Asking for a referral from a neighbour or someone you trust is even better.

When you are asking for a duplicate, you are not just getting a key, you are also giving someone access to your home and vehicle. If you can:

  • Establish a good relationship with a local locksmith who has years of experience.
  • Find a local locksmith who has a good reputation and reviews from people you know and in your community.
  • Find someone who accommodates emergencies because getting locked out usually happens at awkward times of the day or night.

Getting a local licensed locksmith means you can easily find them when the need arises.

They are more invested in their reputation because they live in the community so they have to do a good job and not do anything that will jeopardise your safety. 

Remember, your keys represent your safety and the safety of your loved ones. 

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