Do Locksmiths Usually Deal With Cars

Do you ever worry that you might accidentally get locked out of your car? Or are you unsure of what to do when your car key gets stuck in the ignition? In situations related to these problems, there is one solution for you: call up your local locksmith!

Nowadays, locksmiths have expanded their skill sets to help with security issues related not only to residential and commercial properties but to automobiles as well. Right now, you may be wondering: how do locksmiths deal with automobile security issues?

If you would like to learn more about how locksmiths usually deal with cars, please feel free to continue reading our article below.

What Do Auto Locksmiths Do?

Locksmiths, or more specifically auto locksmiths, can deal with automobiles. While residential locksmiths can make keys to lock and unlock doors in a home, auto locksmiths are specialised in unlocking vehicles and replacing car keys. 

Auto locksmiths can also carry out mobile services in which they offer help to those who are stranded, locked out late at night, or in need of help in the middle of nowhere. 

What else can auto locksmiths do? Here are the top three things that you probably did not know auto locksmiths can do:

1). Unlocking Cars

In the event you accidentally get locked out of your vehicle, auto locksmiths can unlock your car without a key. There are a few strategies that they perform to do this, some of which include:

  • Jimmying the car lock open. Auto locksmiths take a slim jim or a thin piece of metal to slide between the window and the weather stripping on your car door to grant access to the lock. Jimmying is best suited for older cards that use real keys and don’t have more advanced alarm systems.
  • For newer cards, auto locksmiths can reprogram the code of your keyless remote so that you can gain access to your vehicle.

2). Removing Broken Keys

Car keys can break due to natural wear and tear over time, or due to being turned incorrectly or knocked while in the ignitions. While it is not very common, there are specialised services offered by auto locksmiths to fix problems such as these especially since broken keys are incredibly difficult to remove.

When a key breaks in the ignition, auto locksmiths can use key extraction kits and other specialised tools to remove key fragments from the crevices of the ignition. A kit will have an extraction tool, a small and thin piece of metal that has two small hooks on the end to connect with the key. Plier-like tools are occasionally used as well to grasp the key better.

In the case that your key does break in the ignition, it is not recommended that you try to extract it yourself. This can lead to potential damage that will end up costing you more money. 

Do Locksmiths Usually Deal With Cars

3). Duplicating Or Replacing Keys

Auto locksmiths can work with two types of keys: keys that are not attached to a fob and keys that are attached to a fob. For keys that are not attached to a key fob, the duplication process is relatively straightforward and is quite similar to getting a duplicate house key from a residential locksmith.

Cars that are attached to key fobs are a bit trickier to duplicate. Because these keys are also transponder keys – or keys that contain a chip uniquely programmed to your car – auto locksmiths will need to adjust the programming as well. Auto locksmiths can duplicate the key part of the key fob, but fixing the transponder key as a whole requires a bit more work.

Luckily, auto locksmiths can program and reprogram car keys so that you can gain access to your vehicle. This makes it helpful if you get locked out of your car and your key is a transponder key.


Locksmiths don’t only deal with the security systems of residential and commercial properties. Nowadays, locksmiths can also fix security systems of vehicles and automobiles in the event that your key breaks or your systems fail to function.

Auto locksmiths have three primary duties: unlocking cars, removing broken keys, and duplicating new car keys. With these specialised skills, auto locksmiths are there to help you deal with unexpected car security issues.

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