An emergency locksmith provides a 24 hour, 7 days a week service and will come to your assistance whenever you may need them.

That includes after hours, weekends, public holidays and of course, long weekends.

However, it is important to note that emergency locksmiths will charge an additional fee for a call-out that is not during normal business hours.

So before you make that emergency call, be sure that your needs are actually urgent.

So what constitutes an emergency and when should you call out a locksmith as a matter of urgency?

1. A Lockout

If you have locked yourself out of your home, office or car and you don’t have a set of backup keys that you can access easily, you definitely need to call an emergency locksmith as soon as possible.

This is especially important at night or during a long weekend when a visit to a locksmith to get new keys is not an option.

Your locksmith will not only ensure that you get immediate access to your office, home or car but will also provide you with an extra set of keys.

2. Broken Or Damaged Locks Or Keys

A broken/damaged lock or key is sure to keep you either locked in or locked out!

Your emergency locksmith will be able to open the lock and provide you with a replacement key.

For damaged locks, they will also repair the lock to ensure that it is fully operational.

In the event that the lock cannot be repaired, a replacement lock will be provided and installed for you.

3. Personal Safety

If you are in a position where you cannot get into your house, office or car and you feel unsafe in any way, you should contact a locksmith urgently.

Even if you have a friend or family member who can bring a spare set of keys, this can take time and compromise your safety.

Try to move to a safe location such as a neighbour’s house or public area where there are people around until your emergency locksmith arrives.

Explain to the locksmith that you feel unsafe and find out how long it will take them to arrive at your location.

4. Eviction

If you are a rental property owner and have served an eviction notice on tenants, it is always a good idea to have the locks changed or re-keyed as a matter of urgency.

Even if your tenants have left the keys or returned them to you, they may have a spare set that will grant them access to the premises at a later date.

Should the tenants vacate the premises after hours or on a long weekend, your emergency locksmith will make sure that the security of your property is not at immediate or long-term risk from previous tenants who may be less than happy with being evicted.

5. Stolen, Lost Or Misplaced Keys

If you cannot find your keys, they present a risk to your security.

Even if you aren’t in a situation where you are locked out of your home, car or office, the keys may be in someone else’s possession and can be used to gain access to your property.

It is therefore highly recommended to call an emergency locksmith as a matter of urgency to have your locks changed or re-keyed.

Your locksmith will provide you with the best advice as to which option is best based on your circumstances.

Always keep in mind that your locks and therefore your keys provide you with the first and most important defence against break-ins, trespassers or other types of crime.

It is crucial to ensure that your safety and security are protected by calling a locksmith in the event of an emergency.

Choosing the best locksmith for your house or car should be done with caution.

There are many locksmith services in Melbourne, however, not all of them are the same. You need to make sure they are licensed and qualified before hiring them.

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