How Key Work When Opening Lock

Do you have to deal with locks and keys on a daily basis? Have you ever wondered how a key actually works?

We use locks and keys all the time – from locking the bathroom door to unlocking filing cabinets.

There are different types of lock and key mechanisms out there with only locksmiths knowing how they really work.

If you have ever wondered how keys work to open locks, keep on reading this article.

In this article we will take a look at the following:

  • Flat Keys
  • Round Keys
  • Smart Keys
  • What Happens If You Lose The Key?

Flat Keys

A flat key is used to open a pin tumbler lock. The pin tumbler lock is made with an outer casing and a cylindrical plug in the middle.

This plug needs to rotate for the lock to be open. A flat key is required to rotate the plug and open the lock in the process.

There is a slot at the front of the plug for the key to go into. This is known as the “keyway.” The outer casing and the top of the plug have vertical holes.

The holes come with two pins with different lengths dropped in on top of each other. These pins block the plug from moving.

When the proper flat key is inserted, the pins are lifted to the sheer line – where the plug and outer casing meet.

The shear line and pins will align exactly at this point – leaving the plug open to rotating and opening the lock.

Round Keys

Round keys are common in bike locks, launderette washing machines, and elevators. This type of lock is known as a tubular pin tumbler lock.

They are quite similar to the standard pin tumbler lock.

The only difference is the pins are in a circle in this lock compared to pin tumbler locks with pins in a line.

Once the pins line up with the shear line of the lock, the plug will be free to move and open the lock.

Tubular pin tumbler locks are more resistant to lock picking compared to standard locks. Round keys are the best to open these locks.

Smart Keys

The latest key is the smart key. It’s not your traditional physical key but a key fob or even a smartphone that open smart locks.

These keys and locks are used in modern technologically-advanced residential and commercial buildings.

These keys will send the right electronic message to the lock either to open or close it. Smartphone keys work wirelessly on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Z-Wave.

This will let you lock and unlock doors remotely.

You can even grant access to other people to open the door by sending a virtual key to their smartphones.

You can monitor who is locking and unlocking the door via an app on your smartphone.

Smart keys let your home be connected via a singular system – making it easier for you to control and maintain the facility.

One disadvantage of the smart key is it could be used to open smart locks by a highly skilled hacker.

However, the chances of hackers getting into your smart home are quite slim.

What Happens If You Lose The Key?

If you have ever been locked out of your home or vehicle, you know how stressful the situation is.

That’s when you need to call on a professional locksmith service.

A professional locksmith can help reduce your stress levels by opening the door without a key. They have the right tools and equipment for this purpose.

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