How Locksmiths Keep Up Latest Technology

In a world that is becoming more and more technological, it is important for various industries to adapt to this new landscape.

The locksmith industry, which is also one of the oldest industries out there, is no exception to adapting to technology. You may think that the locksmith industry is all about locks and keys, but they have adapted by introducing new, digital ways to help increase security.

If you want to learn more about how locksmiths keep up with the latest technology, then please keep on reading below as we explore this topic in more detail!

Keeping Up With Technology

Nowadays, technology has become an integral part of our lives. Whether it be from the TV in our living room to our handheld smartphones, the technological age is an undeniable fabric of society.

For locksmiths, technology has not only been a challenge but an opportunity to innovate how we imagine security. Many technological innovations in the locksmith industry reimagine the traditional lock and key system.

However, aside from these new technological security systems, locksmiths must also be skilled in technological knowledge. This is to allow them to be able to maintain these security systems in event of security breaches. 

Moreover, locksmiths must be able to be technologically-knowledgeable so they can develop a competitive advantage over locksmiths who stick to traditional security systems.

So, what are some examples of these technological innovations? Following is just a few of them:

1). Smart Locks

Smart lock technology is on the rise in the locksmith industry. Smart locks are basically keys that function with a wireless coded signal. It is not completely new, but it is rapidly expanding across various settings such as automobiles, doors, gates, lockers, residential properties, and many more.

With this, locksmiths must be able to also have knowledge of other devices such as smartphones. This is because many security systems now often try incorporating gadgets such as smartphones for remote security access. 

Smart locks are very convenient, so it is no wonder that they are extending over various places nowadays!

How Locksmiths Keep Up Latest Technology

2). Keyless Entries

Keyless entries are another breakthrough in the locksmith industry. This is because they replaced the traditional keys and mechanical locks that were familiar for so long to locksmiths.

Keyless entries provide remote entry with electric access control without physical contact. 

Similar to smart locks, keyless entries have been around for a while now. However, nowadays they are being adapted to be compatible with smartphone use to provide remote control of electronic locks for automobiles. While many car models do have keyless entries, in events of dysfunction, automotive locksmiths are still needed to help gain entry.

Automotive locksmiths can help solve problems such as being locked out of your vehicle and damaging or losing your car keys. Automotive locksmiths will be able to help fix your problems and allow entry into your car. 

So, aside from technological innovations in the industry, locksmiths are also trained to be technologically-savvy. It is important for them to be educated on new security technologies so that they can address any possible security issues. 

3). Card Access System Entry

Card access is another rapidly growing locking system. They are often incorporated into the security systems of buildings. 

Card access systems can be equipped with alarm systems to help maximise the security system of the building. They may also have various entry levels that permit different types of access. 

How Locksmiths Keep Up Latest Technology?

Access cards can be rekeyed and managed to fit the security requirements of office centres, apartment buildings, government buildings, and occasionally residential properties. 

Once more, aside from technological security innovations and having to be technologically-savvy, locksmiths must also know how to install, maintain, and upgrade these security systems.


Being a locksmith in this day and age means being able to keep up with technology. To be a locksmith, one must not only be able to install, maintain, and upgrade technological security systems, but to be able to be skilled and knowledgeable in technological advances too. 

Being technologically-savvy also allows locksmiths to develop their competitive advantage over other locksmiths. As such, it is important for locksmiths to be adaptable especially in today’s technological age. 

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