Losing car keys can be one of the most devastating and inconvenient situations anyone can go through. 

Most people depend on their cars on a daily basis hence, not having your car can bring total disruption into your life. 

One never realises how precious car keys are until they misplace, or worse still, lose them. 

The good thing is that replacing a car key is not as difficult as it seems.

There are a few options available for anyone who loses their original car keys and require replacement. 

You can also choose to go back to the original car dealer of your car to obtain a replacement, but this is usually a pretty expensive exercise.

Below are some of the measures you can take if you find yourself in need of replacement keys.

Identify The VIN

Before going any further, you should check your vehicle identification number. 

If you don’t know your vehicle identification number, you can quickly check on the lower-left of the windscreen or the engine bay of the car. 

You may also be able to get the VIN from your car insurance policy information. 

Once you have checked the VIN properly, you should check the model, year, and exact make of the car.

This information will help you clarify which kind of car key you will need.

Contact A Locksmith

Contacting a locksmith is a smart thing to do. They will utilise the latest technology available to cut a new key for the car at a decent price. 

If you choose to go to the original manufacturer to obtain another key, you can expect to pay a fair bit more than what a professional locksmith service will charge.

Besides, locksmiths can quickly reprogram the car keys on the spot and have you back on the road much quicker. 

They usually use fairly sophisticated machinery so that they are able to create car keys for a large number of different car makes and models. 

If you have misplaced a key fob, don’t worry because a competent locksmith will also be able to generate a new one for you. 

Check For Discounted Replacement Key

Nowadays, people who have lost original car keys are able to access key replacement services online, as long as they know the model and make of the car. 

They might even be able to buy the replacement keys at a much lower price. 

However, if this is the case, it is strongly advised to look for online companies that specialise in replacement car keys. 

They should also keep in mind that it will be easier and quicker to replace the keys of an older model car as opposed to a later model. 

It’s important to note that some vehicles require specialised equipment to program and cut the key.

In this situation, you can actually get a locksmith to check whether they would be willing to program and cut a key that has been purchased online.

Final Thoughts

Replacing a car key does not have to be complicated. 

You should ensure that you have the necessary information about the car and then hire a professional auto locksmith for best results.

As there are a few options available, there is no need to panic when you realise the original keys are lost. All you need to do is consider the advice given above.

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