Open Locked Bedroom Door Without Using Key

Have you been locked out of your bedroom without access to the key? Are you worried about not being able to enter the bedroom because you have lost the key? If so, you need to keep reading…

When you are trying to open your bedroom or any other room in your house without a key, you should always rely on a professional residential locksmith to help you.

However, if you don’t have immediate access to a professional locksmith, there are a few methods of opening a bedroom lock without a key.

Please continue reading as we look at the following methods in more detail:

  • Using A Credit Card On A Spring Lock
  • Using A Small Screwdriver
  • Picking The Lock
  • Hiring A Professional Locksmith

Use A Credit Card On A Spring Lock

You can easily use a credit card to open a spring lock in your bedroom.

Although a credit card may not work for deadbolts, it will work for spring locks. A laminated credit card works best for opening such locks.

Force the card between the lock and the frame. Flush the card against the frame and bend it back.

This will help force the lock back into the door and open it.

If you don’t find space between the lock and the frame, force the card between the door and the frame above the lock.

Now angle the card towards the frame and swipe it quickly downward. You may require a thicker and sturdier card for this purpose.

Use A Small Screwdriver

A small screwdriver works on doors with privacy handles. These doors are locked by pushing a button on the door handle.

When you are locked out of the bedroom without access to the key, you should look for a tiny hole on the doorknob.

Push a small screwdriver into this hole – for as far as you can.

Now turn and twist the screwdriver until the screwdriver catches a groove and the lock opens.

Pick The Lock

Picking a lock is a little bit complicated compared to the other two methods of opening a bedroom door without a key.

You need an Allen key to pick a lock. Insert the shorter end of the Allen key to the lower edge of the keyhole.

Apply some pressure to turn the lock slightly in the direction that the key would turn.

You should keep the pressure on as steady as possible for some time. Now use an unbent paperclip to pick the lock.

There are two methods of picking a lock. One is the scrubbing method and the other is the pin by pin method.

In the scrubbing method, you should gently push the paperclip in at the lower end of the keyhole. Now lift it back and upward.

Repeat the process in a circular motion while increasing the pressure on the Allen key while doing so.

You may feel the lock shift after some time. If you don’t succeed with the scrubbing method, you should try out the pin by pin method to open the lock.

Gradually push the paperclip in while keeping slight pressure on the Allen key.

When the paperclip makes contact with the pin, catch it on the bend and lift it upward until it clicks into place.

Repeat the process with the other pins until the lock opens.

Hire A Professional Locksmith

The best way to open a locked bedroom is to hire a professional locksmith in Melbourne.

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