Open Safe If Forgot Combination

What do you do if you have forgotten the combination of your safe and how do you open it? Please read below to learn what to do.

It is actually a very common occurrence for people to forget the combination to their safe, especially if it’s new.

It’s not as if a safe is used on a daily basis making it easier to remember the code.

Neither is it a good idea to write the combination down or save it somewhere as this poses a security risk.

There are basically 2 types of techniques that can be used to crack a safe:

  • Destructive Methods
  • Non-destructive Methods

1). Call A Locksmith

The simplest way to open a safe without the combination is to call a locksmith.

You will have to provide proof that the safe is owned by you so it is a good idea to retain your receipt of purchase – don’t keep this in the safe!

Look for a locksmith who is qualified to unlock safes rather than just calling up your regular local service provider.

Not every locksmith will be able to open a combination safe without damaging it.

One of the benefits of using a safe locksmith is that the method they use will ensure that no damage is done and that you are able to use your safe again after it has been opened.

There is a range of different safe-cracking techniques that a locksmith may use to open the safe.

1). Lock Manipulation

This is considered to be the least invasive and best way to unlock a combination safe without the code.

However, it is a complicated and time-consuming process that requires immense patience.

Specialist locksmiths often study and practice this method for years before they master the technique.

There are basically 3 steps involved with lock manipulation – identifying the contact points, determining the number of wheels and the graphing the results.

A combination lock can consist of anywhere between 1 and 8 numbers so going through this process can take weeks if not months for a novice.

A professional safe-cracker can, however, find the combination in a matter of hours.

2). Destructive Techniques

There are ways to drill into a safe or use a small explosive charge to either disengage the locking mechanism or break it.

However, this is most definitely not the recommended route if you are planning on using the safe ever again.

There are some techniques that recommend dropping the safe at the right angle to disengage the lock.

Once the lock has been damaged or broken, the safe will be unusable and will never lock effectively again.

It is always recommended to take a non-destructive route before damaging a safe in order to open it.

A locksmith may however recommend this as a last resort.

3). Magnets And Electronics

Safe-cracking technology has advanced to provide alternative and simpler solutions to opening a safe.

However, these electronic or magnetic methods are more applicable to bypassing locking mechanisms on electronic safes.

A professional locksmith may, however, use a device that makes it faster and easier for them to manipulate a lock on a combination safe.

Prevention is always better than cure however and there are simple ways to ensure that you never forget your combination in the first place.

Use a combination of numbers that you are unlikely to forget but not a code that someone else is likely to guess easily.

Alternatively, provide another person who you trust implicitly with the code.

You can place the combination in a sealed envelope in their safe to be opened in the event that your memory lets you down and the combination to your safe evades you.

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