No matter how strict and careful you are, losing an important key to your home or your car can happen to you anytime. Being locked out of your house or car with the keys left inside is also an inevitable event that can occur unpredictably. When all this happens, there are actually two things you can do. You either destroy the lock and install a new one or look for a reliable professional locksmith service provider to replace the key. Of course, the latter is the more logical and practical solution to regain access to your property. Here are some useful tips in looking for the best and professional locksmith services.

Seek referrals

Ask the help of friends or colleagues for referrals. There is nothing more assuring than a recommendation from a friend or relative who have been through a similar experience. A referred service lead is already fifty percent pre-qualified by their endorsement.


Call your insurer or car dealer

If you are replacing a car key, it is best to call first your insurance company or your car dealer. Ask them for some suggestions with regards to key replacement. They might have a certified key replacement service or know a good locksmith whom they regularly contract.


Call the house contractor or lockset supplier

If you are replacing a house key, call the contractor of your house or the supplier of the lockset to seek suggestions on possible replacement options. Your house contractor might know a good and reliable locksmith service to help you.

Check online

Search the web for possible professional locksmith services in your area. Initially, choose three service providers whose websites seem to indicate a successful business operation. Pick also those who are located close to your place.

Make a pre-screening

Pre-qualify them before you make a final choice. Check their business licensing. Verify also their professional licensing or accreditation. Professional locksmiths hold competency and proficiency credentials that are recognized by the Australian government such as a National Certificate in Locksmithing or even the Master title. It would not be unusual to ask for these credentials as you are to engage them in a security activity in your important property. Professional locksmiths can open any kind of house lock or car lock as they have the equipment and special facility to accomplish their assigned work.

Seek rate estimates

Verify the rates of their services. Make sure that their prices are reasonable enough to the kind of services they offer. Then, make a careful selection of your preferred locksmith service based on your findings.

Double check credentials

When the locksmith service provider you have chosen arrives in your place, ask to see their identification. Double-check their licence. If your responding locksmith cannot show these credentials, you should insists to have these before starting the work on your lock.


Maximize your presence

Although the locksmith service you have chosen is trustworthy enough, you still need to stay with the locksmith while performing their work. Make the most value of the time by interviewing the locksmith about how to maintain the lock and how else you can enhance the security of your place.

Verify after-sales service

When you make your payment, ask for a receipt that bears the company’s name, address and contact numbers. Be sure to get the full names of the servicemen as well as their personal contact numbers for future reference. Additionally, verify if there is an after-sales care service or warranty for the services done.

The security of your home or any valuable property must be of paramount importance to you. Do not compromise nor take for granted the integrity of this security. Part of this integrity should be embedded in the security system that you have put in place. This includes your maintenance and upkeep of a reliable key-locking system as well as the services of an equally reliable professional locksmith provider. Make sure your choice of locksmith service can render the task readily and effectively whenever their services are needed.

It is therefore, a wise move to have a 24/7 locksmith services provider in case of an emergency. To have such a trustworthy professional help does not have to wait for a lost key or a key that would not engage. Most professional locksmiths have extended services beyond key replacements.

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