Home break-ins are so common they often no longer make the news, but they happen all too frequently. According to the Australian government, for the years 2009-2010 there were over 330,000 household burglaries in the nation. Thieves are looking for cash, electronics, jewellery and firearms – unfortunately, they find them.

With the majority of Australian homes having no or very little in the way of security, the goods are there for the taking. The good news is that there are ways to prevent your house from becoming a sad statistic. The security experts at Solid Lock Locksmith in Elwood, Melbourne have some useful locksmith tips to keep your house and family safe.

First and Foremost – Secure Your Main Entrances

Your home security begins with your doors. Thieves will always try the easiest route of access first, so follow the tips below to ensure your entrances are secured.

  • Make sure you have good locks and that they work properly. A simple door handle lock is not enough security for your home; you need to ensure you have deadbolt locks and that they are properly installed – on all doors. Many people have a deadbolt on their front doors and a simple door-handle lock on the back door. All outside doors must be equally protected because thieves seldom use the front door.
  • Invest in a good door. A hollow door can easily be broken and allows an easy way for a thief to gain access to your home. Make sure your door is made of solid hard wood or steel. They are more expensive but well worth the price. If you have windows in your doors, make sure they are shatterproof.
  • Ensure your window is out of arm’s reach of your door lock. Everyone has seen television shows in which criminals break into homes by smashing the window next to the lock and simply unlocking the door. Art imitates life, as this is a common method employed by thieves. By ensuring your lock is out of reach, you increase your security.

Also, never hide a key under the mat, in the mailbox or in a plant. If you thought of it, thieves thought of it as well. Instead, leave an extra key with grandma or a neighbour.

If your Doors are Good – Secure your Windows

There is no sense having the best door and deadbolts money can buy if you have flimsy windows with old or non-existent locks. Criminals may try the door first, but you can be assured, they will try the windows next. Fortunately, there are many ways to make your windows more secure.

  • Make sure your windows have locks and that they work. Don’t just turn the lock, go outside, and see if they prevent you from opening the window. You should not be able to break into your own house. If you can, the burglars can.
  • Install window bars. These don’t have to be the jail-looking type of bar. Window security bars come in decorative designs, which can keep you safe by providing top-notch security.
  • Coat your windows with a safety and security film. This modern technology allows the light to come in while protecting your home. Made up of microlayers, this film will prevent your windows from shattering by holding the glass together. As an added bonus, you can have the film tinted to allow you to see out but keep prying eyes from seeing in.

You also need to ensure that your windows are installed properly. If you live in an older home, make sure the casings are solid, and the brick and mortar are solid and strong.

Play it Safe – Keep Important Documents and Jewellery in a Home Vault

Thieves don’t like safes. They are heavy and almost impossible to open. That is why they are such a good investment for homeowners. You can even hire a locksmith company to install one in a wall or floor so it is hidden from burglars. Use it to store the following:

  • Passports, licenses, deeds to your home
  • Jewellery, coins, and other valuables
  • Guns and ammunition
  • Computer flash drives of pictures or documents with sentimental value

Another good thing about installing a safe is that they are fireproof, so you are doubly protected.

Get Alarmed – Invest in a Good Security System

Security systems are no longer just for the rich and famous. Even a modern, state-of-the-art system easily fits into the budget of the average Australian family. You can choose to only arm when you are away or to keep a constant vigilance while you are at home. Security does not always mean keeping burglars out, but also keeping children in.

A security system can be adjusted to let you know when anyone comes in or goes out. Definitely a must-have if your toddler is quite adventurous. Your best bet when choosing an alarm system is to call a locksmith company like Solid Locks Locksmith. Not only will they do an evaluation of security issues in your home, but they can help you decide what system will work for your home and your budget.

Consider Going Keyless

Imagine the freedom of never needing to leave a key with a neighbour or not having to worry about your child losing his key. With a keyless entry, this is very possible. You can even give each family member his or her own key-code. The advantages are many and include:

  • No more lost keys
  • No worries about who has keys to your home
  • You can’t get locked out if you forgot your key
  • There is no keyhole for burglars to pick

This solution is more affordable than you may think and certainly worth looking into, especially if you have a large family.

Although the world may not be the innocent place it was a few decades ago, at least the technology is available to keep your home and your family safe. If you live in the Elwood, Melbourne area and are serious about installing a security system in your home, contact the experts at Solid Lock Locksmith. They can explain everything you need to know about home security. These few tips are just the beginning points, your locksmith company can make sure you are safe and secure now and for years to come.