Home security

When man decided to build a home around himself, locked doors and windows was not the foremost thing in his mind. The decision was meant, first and foremost, to provide him with protection and security from the elements. As homes assumed a new character through modernisation, fitting the premises with the conveniences and comforts of the world, it is only logical that man should think about locks and professional locksmiths to enhance his home security.

Security breaches

Experienced locksmiths in Melbourne, such as Solidlocklocksmith, have known that breaches of home security were usually perpetrated by unlawful invaders who would come into your house uninvited and unnoticed. Burglary incidents usually happen to those houses whose security appears to be lax or has been given the least attention by their owners.

Tips for improving home security

Here are some useful tips from Solidlocklocksmith Melbourne on how to enhance the security and safety of your house, as well as its contents and occupants:

  1. Perimeter wall. Houses with no perimeter enclosures are very prone to break-ins, since they are easily accessible from all directions. A perimeter fence with a lockable gate may not be insurmountable to thieves but it certainly is a deterrent to trespassers. If thieves have a choice, between a house with a fence and one without, they would choose the one without the hurdle.
  2. Door openings. Doors must be provided not only with the standard locksets, but also with deadlocks as standard locksets are not always burglar-proof. Deadlocks are locks that are embedded in the door’s thickness and can be locked and unlocked inside or outside. Burglars will have a difficult time prying open doors which have a deadlock. It is also a wise idea to have a peephole or spyhole viewer to allow you to see who is calling before you open your door.
  3. Window openings. The most common entry point for burglars is windows. That’s because most windows do not have locks or have lever locks that are simply latched so that if the glass is shattered, all the intruder has to do is to remove the lever from its latch to gain access. One way to secure windows is to install decorative grills so that even if the window is unlatched, the burglar cannot enter. Be sure that your grills have emergency exit doors with durable working locks.
  4. Sliding openings. Of course, you don’t install grills on your sliding windows. The most popular security for slides is an alarm bell outside of the usual locks. For sliding doors, provide patio bolts which are spring-operated round lockable bolts that shoot up or down into the door’s frame.
  5. Security systems. CCTV security systems are the latest innovations in enhancing security. They do not stop burglary but they deter their execution. Another security enhancement is the installation of spot security lights. These are lights that are strategically positioned in locations around the house to deter any trespassers who may be noticed trying to approach your house. These lights turn on at night whenever there is movement detected.
  6. Other useful tips. Trim your foliage around the house, ensuring there is no place a thief can hide. Double check your locks: a number of burglars have been able to access houses through the front door, which has been left unlocked.


Why are we sharing these with you? We have heard stories from friends and customers who told us the terrible ordeal they experienced when burgled. We do not feel good about these stories because there is so much we can do to prevent this from happening, being professional locksmiths in Melbourne.

We offer unsolicited advice to check your security arrangements. We can help if you want us to help, and offer advice on the best ways to secure your home.

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