Can Locksmiths Open Doors Without Destroying The Locks?

One of the most common questions locksmiths are asked is whether they can open a locked door without having to break the lock mechanism which will then need to be replaced.

In general, the short and most direct answer is “no”, however, there are certain circumstances in which it may become necessary to resort to more drastic measures such as drilling into the lock.

Many homeowners hesitate to call in a locksmith when they have been locked out of their home simply because they are under the misconception that it will cost them hundreds of dollars for a lock replacement or repairs.

With new and innovative technology in lock-design, it may have become more difficult for a locksmith to gain entry without damaging the lock, but it is not impossible.

Often homeowners panic when they discover that they are locked out of their home and tend to smash a window or break the door down to get in.

This is not the smartest thing to do as it will cost a lot of money to repair the damage.

In addition, with a smashed window or door, there is a serious breach of security while waiting for the damage to be repaired.

What factors can prevent having a lock destroyed? Let’s take a look now.

Check The Type Of Door

The kind of door you have plays a large role in whether or not a locksmith can gain entry without inflicting damage.

Each door is different with different locking mechanisms as well as ways of opening and closing.

For example, a home may have two front entrances such as a sliding patio door and the main front door.

A traditional wooden door with a mortice lock can be more difficult to break.  

Doors made from uPVC are less likely to be damaged by the tools locksmiths use to break a lock.

Check The Type Of Lock

Many homeowners spend a lot of extra money on special locks to enhance the security of their homes.

That same element of security may be a real obstacle to gaining entry without any damage.

Low-security locks are quite easy for a locksmith to pick but high-security locks are much more challenging to crack.

Check The Credentials Of The Locksmith You Hire

When locked out of a home, office, or car, people often panic and call the first locksmith willing to come out fast.

It is best to remain calm and spend some time to find a certified, professional, and reliable company to help you gain access to your property.

A qualified locksmith will have the specialised tools necessary to open a wide variety of locks without having to resort to drilling.

They also won’t charge an exorbitant fee for their services.

When Does Drilling Become Necessary?

Contrary to scenes in the movies, every lock cannot be picked in seconds. Some of the reasons why a locksmith would drill through a lock include:

  • The locksmith could not bypass or “pick” the lock with conventional lock picking tools within a few minutes.
  • The lock was vandalised or is malfunctioning.
  • The time taken to pick the lock via non-destructive methods will cost more than having it replaced. Some high-security locks have cylinders designed to delay the efforts of a burglar to gain entry which may require hours of a locksmith’s time to bypass.
  • Business owners sometimes prefer to bear the costs of drilling and lock replacement because the business would lose money if the doors are not opened on time.

If a locksmith immediately resorts to drilling as a first choice, especially against low-security locks where none of the above exceptions apply, it is a sure sign of incompetence and unprofessionalism.

You may be quoted a low price to unpick the lock but when drilling becomes necessary the price may become hugely inflated.

Any legitimate locksmith will explain a change in price and will have no problem putting this in writing before commencing work.


In summary, locksmiths are able to pick most low-security locks without any difficulty by using simple tools to lift the locking pins without damaging the lock.

If, however, they cannot gain entry in a relatively short period of time, they will try more sophisticated methods.

It will only be as a last resort that they turn to drilling into the pins of the lock which will destroy the mechanism.

Choosing the best locksmith for your house or car should be done with caution.

There are many locksmith services in Melbourne, however, you need to make sure they are licensed and qualified before hiring them.

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