Precautions Homeowners Should Take with Locks Over Christmas

Are you planning to go away during the festive season? Burglars thrive at this time of year so it’s important you read below to learn how to make it harder for them.

Christmas is time for family, travel, and everything merry. During this time, you’d expect lots of movement, guest visitation, and plenty of activities at home.

Most families also take advantage of this festive season to visit friends and family upcountry. Do you know who else takes advantage? Burglars!

Christmas presents the perfect time for them to practice and perfect their criminal activities.

Considering the gifts and valuable items in homes during this time, burglars will target your door locks.

This is why residential locksmiths insist on the need for top security locks for doors, especially during the Christmas festive season.

What are some of the precautions for locks that can be taken to keep homes secure? Here are some of them:

  • Ensure all locks are well-maintained
  • Use the proper locks for your home
  • Seek services from approved locksmiths only
  • Consider upgrading to smart locks

Ensure Proper Maintenance of Locks

Keeping your locks in the best condition is the first precaution in ensuring that your locks remain operational and your home burglar-proof.

Therefore, it is essential to keep in mind the various lock maintenance tips and practice them all year long.

Ensure that all locks are rust-free, as this can lead to the locks becoming easily damaged and therefore, make them easier to manipulate.

Locksmiths recommend that the oiling of locks be done regularly to prevent rusting.

Keeping locks dry and free from moisture is also a great way to keep them rust-free, particularly during humid weather conditions.

Cleaners used for doors and locks should, therefore, be non-abrasive and free from chemicals that corrode.

Keeping your locks in the best condition throughout the year ensures that they can still keep your home secure over the festive season.

Well-maintained locks are more likely to withstand breaching compared to the poorly-maintained ones.

This is one of the best ways to keep burglars away during the festive season.

Use Proper Locks for Your Home

When installing locks for your front door, garage, or even backyard, locksmiths advise that you use the correct locks.

Ensure that you get high-quality locks from established hardware stores and approved locksmiths.

There are a number of lock brands out there claiming to be the cheapest however, the security of these locks can be dubious.

Brands such as Chubb and Yale are known to be sturdy and secure lock and are consequently worth spending the extra money on.

Experts test these high-quality locks, and homeowners can be sure that these locks will prevent intrusion.

Instead of worrying about the safety of your home, take precautions by choosing top quality locks.

When looking for locks to fit the various doors of your home, ensure you look out for the Secure by Design, PAS 24, and ADQ approvals.

Seek Locksmith Services from Professionals

Although the locksmith profession is not regulated, homeowners should pick established and well-renowned personnel for their lock needs.

Whether fitting, repairing or maintaining locks in a home, the services of qualified personnel ensure that your locks are in a good state all the time.

Before the Christmas season, homeowners may also choose to replace old locks with new ones.

Taking such a precaution helps secure your home as burglars may find it difficult to breach locks that are professionally fitted.

Choosing professional locksmiths is an essential precaution.

Consider Upgrading to Smart Locks

As home automation gets popular, smart locks are especially helpful for homeowners as they bolster security and are convenient to use as well.

They eliminate the need for keys and therefore leave burglars with fewer options to exploit.

Thinking of spending your Christmas time away from home? A smart lock for your front door would be a great consideration and precaution.

These locks notify the homeowner when a door is left unlocked and whenever there is an attempted forced entry.

Homeowners can, therefore, rest assured that their home is safe even when they are not around.

Door locks are vital to the security of homes, and taking the necessary precautions to keep them in good condition is important.

Long before the Christmas season, homeowners should ensure that locksmith services are offered by qualified personnel.

Their locks should also be of high quality and should be maintained often.

Homeowners may also consider smart locks to guarantee the safety of their homes during the Christmas season.

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