Key Cutting Services

Key Cutting Services Melbourne

Key Cutting ServiceKey cutting and security go hand in hand. Keys get stolen, misplaced or lost. And when any of these happen, you don’t stop using your car, locker, business or house just because you no longer have the key(s).

Reasons why you’d need Key Cutting Services

Key cutting services are crucial when:

    • You are replacing or changing a lock or security system;
    • Duplicating authorised access to a restricted area; or
    • Replacing a lost key

Other reasons you may need to employ the services of a key cutter are:

    • Lost keys

It could be your car, safe, house or business. If for whatever reason you have misplaced your keys and are unable to find them, the wise thing to do is hire a professional key cutting service such as Solid Lock Locksmith to replace it.

Locksmiths suggest that you get duplicate keys made as soon as possible for a new car or home. This is especially crucial with modern house or car keys which have security features that are more time-consuming for locksmiths to copy.

    • Damaged keys

Keys are made of materials that differ in strength. Depending on the material or pressure applied, your key could break or get damaged. While house keys may be considerably easy to replace, car key replacement from the manufacturer can often be expensive and tedious. Key cutting from locksmiths saves you the trouble and cost as well.

    • New tenants

If you have a new tenant, they’ll need to have a means to access your buildings independently. Key cutting services become essential in getting you the exact number of key copies to issue out to your new tenants.


Automotive Key Cutting

Car key cutting requires a whole different level of skill and equipment. That’s why the work can only be entrusted to a thoroughly trained professional to get it done. You will need the help of an auto locksmith in case you got locked out of your car, need the convenience of a spare set of car keys, or if any of the following happened:

    • Car keys got stolen or lost
    • Keys got stuck in the ignition or damaged
    • Car keys snapped in the car door lock
    • Transponder chip is broken or missing

The professionals at Solid Lock Locksmith are trained and have a rich experience in programming VATS, transponder and smart keys for any vehicle model or make.

When you need a new key for your car, home or other property, you’ll want to pick someone who can serve you at an affordable rate and fast.

Solid Lock Locksmith have served homeowners, businesses and car owners for years and customers trust these experts to offer reliable and affordable key cutting services each time.

Hire Solid Lock Locksmith today to help you out with any key cutting service you need.