Anti-Theft Tips - Car Locksmith in Melbourne

For every car owner, a stolen vehicle is a grave concern. Largely, it’s the personal ties we have for anything we use. As a trusted car locksmith in Melbourne, Solid Locks Locksmiths recognize your vehicle’s utmost security. We also offer the best customer advice.

Though statistics show a countrywide reduction of stolen vehicles, there has been an increase in Melbourne. Thus, locksmith services are highly in demand. From the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (CAR-SAFE)annual report 2013-14:

  • Car theft declined at 7% from the previous year.
  •  This may be encouraging, but the number was a staggering 53,450 with 42,631 cars stolen.
  • 49% of these stolen cars were from homes, not on the streets nor in public car parks.

According topolice crime figures, car theft increased in Victoria. For FY 2013-14, there were a total of 16,320 stolen vehicles, an alarming 11.3% increase, where majority were stolen in Melbourne.

 Maximizing Your Vehicle Security

Any car locksmith in Melbourne can tell you these simple steps:

  •   Lock your car.
  •   Never leave your keys in the car ignition.
  •   Keep your windows and sunroofs closed.

Additional steps can protect your car in Melbourne. Locksmiths can install modern anti-theft systems and devices such as:

  1. Steering Wheel Lock – Simply lock across your steering wheel. It’s enough to turn a thief off. At Solid Locks, we recommend using this with an electronic alarm system.
  2. Electronic Immobilizer – Usually a built-in feature in modern cars, signals are sent via a microchip in your key set. This disables the ignition system. Your car will not start, thus no one will drive it.
  3. Tire Lock – This will immobilize your car. Thieves know they will be seen, since it takes time to enable/disable Tire Locks. It’s a popular option recommended by most Melbourne locksmiths.
  4. Kill Switch – A device which kills selected parts of a car’s electronic system, like the ignition or fuel system. It’s activated when the car is locked. A specific sequence of tasks will deactivate it.
  5. Vehicle Tracking System – Expensive but highly effective, a VTS tracks your car via a hidden transmitter. It’s activated as soon as the theft is reported. With 90% of stolen cars found, it’s a system that works. Some vehicles have built-in VTS. Check with your car dealer.

What Solid Locks Can Do For You

Solid Locks has earned its reputation as a leading car locksmith in Melbourne. We offer an extensive car locksmith service, which includes:

  • Replacing lost keys
  • Extracting broken keys
  • Repairing damaged ignition locks
  • Programming transponder keys
  • Repairing central locking
  • Repairing original remote controls
  • Programming new remote controls and immobilizer chips
  • 24/7 Emergency Response

Solid Locks Locksmiths is the most trusted 24-hour car locksmiths in Melbourne. Call us at 0401073756 for your car problems.