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Facts about…

Home Burglaries

• Many people are concerned about home burglary.
• Victoria’s home burglary rate is consistently below the
national average – but there are still over 40,000
burglaries in Victoria each year.
• Homes which have been burgled once are almost four
times more likely to be burgled again – and burglars
often return within two months, just after you’ve
replaced all the items they stole.
• Most of us, especially those who live in cities, will

Protect your Home

  • Summary of useful tips
  • Install strong locks on doors and windows – and lock up when you leave
  • When you’re not at home, make it look like somebody’s there
  • Never let people know when your home will be empty
  • Avoid advertising your expensive purchases
  • Don’t hide spare keys outside your home
  • Mark your property
  • Make a list of your property
  • Lock up your tools and your shed
  • Consider installing a burglar alarm
  • Report all suspicious activity around your home to the police