Residential Privacy in Melbourne

All cities have burglar issues. Some problems are so severe that privacy and home security are gone. For homeowners, residential privacy is a concern. In seeking professional locksmiths, Melbourne residents expect more than just a lock change.

Residential locksmith services should go beyond the basics. After all, Melbourne is not immune to burglary. According to figures released by the Victorian Police, an average of 1 in 73 homes were hit in August 2014 by burglars. A total of 28,515 incidents were reported.

In Melbourne, the city’s north and outer-west suburbs were the worst hit. In Hoopers Crossing, an average of 12 homes per week were broken into. The figures also revealed that between 2009 and 2014, Werribee, Deer Park and St Albans each suffered 2,000 burglaries.

For us at Solid Lock Locksmiths, Melbourne needs effective residential locksmith services. We provide our clients with expert consultation and advice. We also assess your home security before we advise on how to have safer homes.

The Importance of Keeping Your Home Safe

Trauma is unfathomable for those who haven’t experienced home burglaries. As a trusted locksmith in Melbourne, we have seen reactions to break-ins. Studies reveal diverse psychological impacts.

A support group in South Australia, Victim Support Services (VSS) gathered information, stating:

“The loss of this normally ‘safe place’ can leave victims feeling generally vulnerable and insecure, both at home and elsewhere. Likewise, invaded privacy can leave feelings of violation and exposure. These feelings are stronger when personal items like photographs, diaries or clothing have been disturbed, damaged or stolen.”

VSS also revealed that children suffer greatly, too. They

  •  Develop feelings of insecurity and fear.
  •   Have difficulty going to bed.
  •   Insist that lights be left on.
  •   Even refuse to go to school.

Commissioned by the US security firm ADT, research confirmed the negative impact on kids. 40% of parents reported their children required mental support after their homes were burgled.

Getting Security Right

Clearly, a dependable service provider is vital to improving your home security. What are the additions and system enhancements you can expect? As professional locksmiths in Melbourne, there are several recommendations we frequently make. Some of them are:

1. Get a Complete Security System Evaluation.

Get professionals to assess your home security. You’ll be surprised at a number of weak spots for a typical system. Experienced locksmiths offer a residential locksmith service which includes:

  •  Examining approaches as well as access points
  •   Identifying the needs to shore the gaps up.

2. New Door and Window Locks.

High-quality security doors and window locks greatly increase residential privacy. With Solid Lock Locksmiths, Melbourne homeowners can get customized solutions for their homes. Exterior doors may be essential, but getting the right interior security will lessen your vulnerability.

3. Consider Exterior Lighting Systems.

Remember, burglars don’t want to be seen. Have a good exterior lighting system which can put them off. With this, you can:

  •  Set small floodlights at certain times.
  •   Include motion sensors. Turn them on automatically and burglars will run.

As part of Solid Lock’s residential locksmith services, we’re glad to offer whatever advice you need.