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Did you know that one out of three Australians have had their homes burgled? And that most of these acts were by petty thieves who saw an opportunity through an unlocked door or open window and figured they can get in and out quickly?

Do you know that most breaking and entering incidents can be prevented by being security conscious at all times? Well, if you didn’t, you do now. You see, most Australians should neither experience their homes burgled nor the psychological, emotional trauma of feeling unsafe after these incidents.

With appropriate preventive measures, they can carry out appropriate security and protection tips. Be proactive in securing and protecting your home, property and loved ones; not reactive afterwards. Here are some of the best home security tips to help you do a fantastic job of securing your home.

1. Install Sensor Lights

Though most homeowners haven’t heard or thought about this, you’ll be amazed at how they can deter or discourage burglars.

These motion sensitive lights are more effective at night when burglars are likely to strike the home. They usually stay off at night until someone walks into their coverage area. Once they do, these happen:

  • Lights come on instantly;
  • Blinds the intruder;
  • Causes him to freeze.

Most burglars will run for cover after this or get away from the home.

2. Lock Your Doors even when You’re Not Going Out for Long

Always lock your doors, windows and garage door when you’re going out, even for just 10-20 minutes. It only takes a burglar 2-5 minutes to:

  • Grab anything valuable within sight;
  • Get out before you get back.

Most homeowners assume they would be back before anything happens. Wrong. Now that you know how long it takes burglars to get in and out, 10 minutes is at least 5 minutes too late to come back and catch the perpetrator.

3. Install High Grade Locks on Your Doors and Windows

The usual locks and keys often provide a sense of false security. Most people don’t know this. A locked door can only:

  • Delay or discourage a criminal,
  • Be a slight obstacle at best.

That’s why you should upgrade your locks.
Speak to a seasoned residential locksmith about this option for your doors and windows if you live in or around Elwood and Melbourne. They’ll recommend a number of extremely effective options that you can choose from.

4. Consider Changing Your Doors

This is important if you have a glass door or a door with glass close to the locks or handles. Even when you lock your doors, burglars can easily break the door’s glass part to reach in and open the doors from the inside.
But, if you change that door part into standard wood or metal and then you can:

  • Move the glass part for decorative purposes;
  • Prevent break-ins through that part of the house.

 5. Install Burglar-Proof Metal Bars

With these metal bars on your doors and windows, there’s an almost 100% chance burglars won’t even bother breaking into your home. These bars effectively discourage any burglar to break in and get away with your valuables.

6. Do Something about Surrounding Trees and Shrubbery

You probably love those trees and take great pride in your lawn, shrubbery and landscape. We won’t suggest you get rid of these, but consider trimming overgrown bushes surrounding your property and home.
With too high or unkempt hedges, they can:

  • Be the perfect hiding place for a thief and burglar.
  • Provide access for burglars who can easily get into the home through their branches.

So, if you cannot trim or prune them for your security, you can get rid of them completely. The truth is an “exposed” house doesn’t appeal to burglars.

7. Install a Security System

Like it or not, you need a security system. We’re talking alarms, CCTVs… the whole nine yards. If you can’t afford everything, at least install:

  • A loud burglar alarm to scare off burglars;
  • A silent alarm that’s triggered as soon as someone breaches your home perimeter.

The silent alarm is particularly effective if you want to catch the thief. But then, its success largely depends on the security company’s or police response time. With late responses, a thief can get away before they arrive.
With a CCTV however, you may view the thief’s face and even the things he stole. The police can still catch the thief.

8. Improve Your Home’s Defenses

During attempted break-ins, burglars typically try windows or doors which are visible to homeowners. That’s why you need to shore up your home’s defenses.
Consider installing these:

  • Solid core door fitted with a deadlock;
  • Security screen door you can lock;
  • Peephole to see who’s at the door before opening;
  • Shutters or grilles on your windows.

These are sure to deter and keep them away.
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