Which type of lock is more secure - combination or keyed

Locks protect properties and assets from the hands of burglars. However, can you be sure that all these locks are as secure as the manufacturers claim them to be?

If yes, then there wouldn’t be any burglaries in the world, right? Having said that, lock manufacturers do an excellent job at keeping intruders at bay.

The Debate Between Keyed Locks and Combination Locks

Locks have evolved over the years, but the question remains – which one offers more security: combination locks or keyed locks?

There are many ways to assess the pros and cons of both locks. Therefore, we have decided to conduct a comparative analysis below to help you decide:


The first thing you need to consider between these two locks is their vulnerability.

Both of them can do a fantastic job of keeping your precious items safe, but what if you lose the key of the lock or forget the combination of the safe or keypad?

There is always a level of vulnerability when you use these locks. However, you can always hire a locksmith to make duplicate keys or unlock the safe or keypad.

Alternatively, you can wear the key around your neck all the time and write the combination of the lock or keypad in your smartphone if you think you might forget the passcode.

You can lose the keys of a regular lock without knowing and this can pose all sorts of emergency problems and have far reaching consequences.

However, if you write the code of the combination lock or keypad on your smartphone or a piece of paper in your wallet, the chances of losing or forgetting the combination is a lot less.

When it comes to the crunch, if you compare these locks under these circumstances, combination locks have a slight advantage.

Emergency Access

This is a trickier point to understand because there are two aspects to this: first, the intention to enter, and second, an emergency.

Keyed locks can protect a property because only the person who has the key can enter the area.

On the other hand, anyone who knows the passcode of the combination lock can access a restricted place.

However, if there is an emergency and you don’t have the key, you won’t be able to enter the house.

Forgetting the passcode is unusual because you don’t suddenly forget something as important as the combination of the safe or a keypad.

So, in case of emergency access, both have an advantage.

Again, you can call a locksmith company and inform them about the emergency, and there will be a team at your service promptly to deal with the situation.


If you want to secure some important valuables, which locks are better, keyed locks or combination locks? Which nut is harder to crack?

This depends on the type of lock you are using. For a safe, if the combination lock is actually part of the safe for example, then this will be more secure.

These locks have a hasp and staple lock which add and extra level of security.

For a padlock, it is almost impossible to break a padlock shackle unless the burglars are using a high-tech cutter.

Moreover, keyed lock manufacturers are constantly coming up with advanced systems to provide more security and reduce the chances of their locks being broken or tampered with.

However, combination locks fall slightly short in this regard. They are comparatively easier to pick than keyed locks.

It only has a combination of three or four numbers and there are a number of tools that professional thieves use to pick combination locks.

However, if you use a keyed lock, it can be challenging to break into it without making a noise or some sort which can draw attention to the situation.

Security systems have gone through a massive change in the last few decades.

With the advent of specialised locks and CCTV cameras, people can now breathe a sigh of relief when they are away from home.

However, if you were to choose between keyed locks and combination locks, you should base your decision on the type of valuables you want to protect.

Both have their advantages and shortcomings. So, decide carefully.

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