Types Of Electronic Lock Systems

In the fast-paced age of electronics and technology, there are multiple innovations that up the game when it comes to security systems. From the humble lock and key, security systems have expanded dramatically over the years towards better and more precise security systems to keep all locksmiths busy.

Nowadays, we have what is called electronic lock systems. Electronic lock systems are locks that operate through an electric current. They can either be stand-alone or be combined with other lock systems for heightened security. 

There are many types of electronic lock systems, each with unique functions, features, and characteristics. If you would like to learn more about the different types of electronic lock systems, please continue reading below as we explore this further. 

Types Of Electronic Lock Systems

As previously mentioned, there are a wide number of electronic lock systems that feature different functions and characteristics. Please see below:

1). Radio Frequency Identification Locks 

Radiofrequency identification or RFID locks are a security system used to authenticate the identity of personnel. A radiofrequency device carries a signal that will unlock the door without needing to physically access it. An authentication device can open doors remotely so long as you are within range. They can also be reset if unauthorised devices are rejected. 

RFID systems can be incorporated with other locking systems and even intercom systems to help heighten security measures. They are best suited for large buildings or facilities that have multiple rooms. 

Types Of Electronic Lock Systems

2). Electronic Keypad Locks

Electronic keypad locks are commonly found in many properties. They often require a numerical passcode to unlock the door, which makes it convenient for those who find keys a hassle to carry around. They may be a little more expensive than other electronic locks, but your money is definitely worth it because security is promised. However, be mindful to keep your passcode safe and ensure it does not reach untrustworthy hands.

3). Electronic Bolt Locks

Electronic bolt locks are popularly installed on interior doors or cabinets that need the utmost security. They have a few resemblances with deadbolt locks, but they are known to be stronger and more compatible with other electronic systems. They can also be easily installed and have various failsafe modes available.

4). Bluetooth Electronic Locks

Evident from the name, Bluetooth electronic locks make use of Bluetooth to command access. Gaining entry entails having a smartphone or gadget that is within range of the Bluetooth sensors. These types of locks are often used in cars or establishments where a lot of people reside.

Types Of Electronic Lock Systems

5). Electric Door Strikes

These electronic locks serve as replacements to traditional strikes that are commonly used to secure latch bar doors. They have adapted to use electric currents to either lock or release the latch. Additionally, this lock is multifunctional and comes in various options for installation. The effectiveness of security depends on which additional security measure it is paired with.

6). Biometric Locks

Biometric locks are more found in offices and/or establishments compared to residential properties. They function by requiring a fingerprint or retinal scan to grant access to those who are permitted inside. It involves unique human body features, which makes it a difficult security system to hack or disrupt. Aside from it being highly effective, it is also quite expensive, though you definitely get what you pay for.


There is a multitude of electronic lock systems out there that help cater to your unique security needs. There is no doubt that electronic lock systems are on the rise because they all offer unique security measures that will keep you and your establishment safe. 

Additionally, electronic lock systems work best when they are combined with other electronic lock systems. Depending on how you mix and match these systems, the security levels of your establishment can increase even further. As such, this is a significant consideration if you are looking for maximum security levels. 

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