What Are Best Locks Residential Properties

Nowadays, locksmiths use and recommend numerous types of locks that can accommodate various settings and safety levels. For residential areas, this is no exception.

If you have ever wondered what types of locks are commonly used for residential properties, then we’ve got you covered! Following are a few common types of door locks used for residential properties.

1). Deadbolts

Deadbolts are one of the most common residential locks out there. They are also quite popular in commercial properties and spaces. 

Deadbolts are common because they are best for securing exterior doors. They do not make use of spring-loaded mechanisms for the bolt to function, hence the name “dead” bolt. This can make deadbolts especially effective against burglaries or intrusions. 

The simplest deadbolt is the single-cylinder deadbolt, which can be activated on one side with a key. Another common type is the double-cylinder deadbolt, which can be opened with a key from both sides. Interestingly, there are different grades that determine the force a deadbolt lock can withstand. 

Some homeowners have single-cylinder deadbolts and an additional double-cylinder deadbolt for extra security. Other homeowners opt for a jimmy-proof deadbolt, which is often found in apartments or as fixtures on double doors. 

2). Doorknob Locks

Doorknob locks are especially useful for interior purposes. However, they do have limited security, which is why they may not be ideal purely for external use. This is mainly because, for knob locks, the cylinder is located within the knob, rather than inside the door. 

Unlike deadbolts, doorknobs can easily buckle when force is exerted on it. If the knob is compromised, it would not be hard for someone to be able to dismantle or disable it further. 

There are also entry doorknobs that permit easy passage from room to room. They do not compromise events of emergency egress. However, various homeowners also opt to pair a doorknob lock and a deadbolt together for added security. 

What Are Best Locks Residential Properties

3). Cylindrical Lever Locks

These types of locks are used in both residential and commercial settings, though they might be a little more common in commercial spaces. 

Cylindrical lever locks are very easy to operate for both ingress and egress. Though they are found in residential properties, they are not recommended for exterior use. This is because the handles can easily be targeted as an access point in cases of intrusion.

4). Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are also commonly used for commercial security, but they are also found in residential properties too. Mortise locks are available in both light and heavy-duty models and are commonly used on external doors. 

Mortise locks have an internal system that is composed of various lockets. These locksets are capable of housing knobs or levers and have a cylindrical body. They stay secure through a set screw and a cam that comprise the locking mechanism. 

You can usually find mortise locks in apartment buildings and are regarded as a very reliable lock for home or business.

What Are Best Locks Residential Properties

5). Electronic and Smart Locks

Of course, we live in an increasingly digital age. As such, the rise of electronic locks and smart locks is widely prominent in today’s world, especially for residential properties.

A smart lock is one that is able to receive instructions from an authorised device on whether it should lock or unlock. These instructions are wirelessly transmitted from devices such as smartphones.

Meanwhile, an electronic lock does not receive wireless instructions. Instead, they depend on an electric current to lock or unlock.

Though these locks may seem high tech, they too have their own vulnerabilities. These may include the lock compromising your home’s electrical system or other security systems during a power outage. 

However, there are various homeowners who incorporate their smart or electric locks with the traditional locks discussed above. This is especially helpful in case your smart or electronic lock fails to function. 

Final Thoughts

While there are many types of locks that can be used for residential properties, we see that they are not completely exclusive of each other.

Different locks can provide different levels of security, but they can also be used in conjunction with one another for extra security.

With this, it is always important to consult with an experienced locksmith who can help guide you on which lock is best suited to keep you and your home safe and secure.

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