Process Of Becoming Locksmith

Locksmiths do more than just duplicate keys and repair locks. Locksmiths are security professionals whose credibility is your guarantee for safety.

Becoming a locksmith is not easy. Have you noticed there is not a lot of locksmiths around?

That’s because it takes a lot of training and an apprenticeship before you become one. You can’t just register and open up shop anytime you want.

It is reassuring to know that your local locksmiths go through hoops and loops to get their license and certification.

That means not just anyone can become one and those who pass are reliable and excellent at their job.

Our home, vehicle, and office security depend on them. It is only right that the process to become a locksmith is tough.

How Do You Become A Locksmith?

If you want to become a locksmith in Australia, this is the process and some key requirements:

To be a good locksmith, one needs to have:

  • Good dexterity
  • Excellent hand-eye coordination
  • Spatial perception
  • A good mix of mathematical ability and mechanical skills
  • Knowledge of lock components
  • Ability to use locksmithing tools

1). If looking to become a locksmith, look for a licensed locksmith or a locksmithing company to do an apprenticeship with.

An apprenticeship in locksmithing is qualified through the supervision of TAFE or Technical and Further Education under the National Training System, Australian Qualifications Framework, or Australian Quality Training Framework.

2). Complete all necessary documentation with the Australian Apprenticeship Network  Support Provider.

You will have to do this with your employer. The agency will give you support all throughout your apprenticeship period including some funding if needed.

3). Training or apprenticeship. The four-year apprenticeship includes TAFE tuition and assessment and in-house training and mentoring. 

During training, you will learn the trade including:

  • Picking and repairing locks for residential and commercial buildings.
  • Making keys and duplicating keys.
  • Understanding lock and security mechanics.
  • Test security of lock installations.
  • Motorcycle and vehicle locksmithing
  • Legal and business aspects.
  • Gain Experience.

4). Aside from completing training and courses from TAFE, you also need to work full time under your employer and learn as much as you can.

They only way you can master the skill is by doing the actual work.

5). Earn Your Locksmithing Certificate. You can get your certification from your employer after you complete your training program.

You can also get other certifications from the TAFE courses you take.

There are four TAFE institutes in Australia:

  • TAFE Queensland – they have 50 locations all over Queensland that provide industry-relevant training.
  • TAFE NSW – they have over 130 training facilities and campuses all over NSW.
  • Melbourne Polytechnic – they have seven campuses in Melbourne offering multiple training facilities. 
  • TAFE Western Australia – they have 12 campuses in WA but also offer online classes. 

6). Once you have finished your apprenticeship and gained your certificate, you are now ready to work as a legit locksmith in Australia.

7). Continuous Education – Continuous education is not required but highly recommended.

As a skilled professional, it is important that you continue to hone your skills and learn new ones.

Take advantage of every advanced training and education program offered.

Seeking higher education can elevate your professional skills and expand your business opportunities.

8). Join a Professional Locksmithing Organisation. Joining an organisation has several advantages such as:

  • Access to continuing education
  • Computer-based testing
  • Industry bonding
  • Legislative representation
  • Insurance options
  • A great resource to expand the customer base
  • Assistance in building strong business operations

Becoming a locksmith is tough but doable. Just like any high-skilled profession, it requires knowledge and a lot of training.

If you think locksmithing is for you, contact your local TAFE office. 

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