Why Choose Certified Locksmith

Most people have been locked out of our homes or cars at least once.

Some people can keep calm when this happens, but for most of us mere mortals, we panic! Safety is everything.

Our homes, cars, and even our offices are our safety zones. When that is threatened by simply being locked out, fear creeps in.

This is where a locksmith can come to the rescue! Locksmiths are unsung heroes. We don’t think of them unless we need them.

And when we need them, we need them URGENTLY! 

We must choose a certified locksmith every time we need their services. This is not just to get access to our premises but also for our safety. 

Following are the main reasons for choosing a certified locksmith.

1. Your Safety

Our security systems, traditional locks, or digital keys, are our first line of defence from all sorts of harm and threats.

Make sure that the person fixing or replacing your locks is credible!

The person that is fixing your locks might just be the very person that breaks into your home later. 

Certified locksmiths in Melbourne are required to register under Security Equipment Installers, under the Private Security Regulations Act 2016.

Under the Act, locksmiths are required by law to submit copies of police checks and other credentials.

Organisations like the Master Locksmiths Association of Australia, which most certified locksmiths are part of, also require their members to submit their information for their own security and their clients.

2. They are Highly Trained and Skilled

Certified locksmiths are skilled and properly trained at providing reliable service. They undergo rigorous training and security clearances.

Just about anyone can pretend to be a locksmith as long as they know how to do a simple lock job.

Hiring them almost always ends up causing more damage and wastes time. It can also be very dangerous.

Criminal elements have been known to pose as locksmiths to get into homes, cars, and offices for theft.

Certified locksmiths are precise and reliable. They have a reputation to protect and will do their best to provide the best service possible.

They have to pass all kinds of training to get certification and regularly need to update their skills and knowledge.

3. They are Insured

Certified locksmiths always make sure they are protected and covered through insurance.

No matter how good a professional they are, accidents are bound to happen.

Insurance means that a locksmith can pay for broken windows or any other damages that they may cause. 

One sure sign that your locksmith is legit is if they are insured and bonded.

Don’t hesitate to ask if they are covered before you hire one. Always do your due diligence.

4. More than Just Changing Locks

A trusted locksmith does more than just changing a broken lock.

Certified locksmiths update their skills and undergo regular training so they can get their certification renewed. 

Your locksmith can install highly complicated security systems, safes, surveillance cameras and surveillance systems.

They can do keypad security, password control, and master key systems. You’ll be surprised at how high-tech they are. All you need to do is ask!

5. They are Available for Emergencies, 24/7

Locksmiths are often called in emergencies. Hardly anyone calls them unless it is URGENT.

Certified locksmiths are available 24/7 so that whenever an emergency occurs, they are ready and able. It is part of their job. 

6. They Have a Reputation to Protect

Certified locksmiths are invested in making sure they provide the best service possible.

Their reputation and word of mouth is their main advertising.

Unlike fly by night locksmith services, certified locksmiths build their business by taking care of their clients long-term. 

7. They Use Proper Tools and Equipment

Certified locksmiths also invest in the best tools and equipment available.

They care about your property and they are always careful not to cause any more damage to your locks and security systems.

8. Confidentiality

Legitimate professionals are bound by law to keep your security details confidential. They will also be liable if they use it to their advantage.

Because their certification is on the line and they are registered, you know you can trust them.

Your personal information, the layout of your home or offices, and the services they provided for you are critical and sensitive.

These details can be taken advantage of if you do not use a certified locksmith to do the job.

The reason you install locks and security systems is for your safety and peace of mind.

If you delegate the job to a questionable person who is not to a certified locksmith, you might as well not have a lock at all.

You are putting the safety of you and your loved ones’ in jeopardy the moment you hire a locksmith that is not certified. 

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